Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Under The Boardwalk

Sometimes the best dates are the ones that our grandparents used to go on... every once and awhile you have to revert to the classics. We all remember the scene in The Notebook when Noah and Alli meet at the carnival for the first time and Noah makes a fool out of himself to get Alli's attention on the Ferris wheel. Well it's time to act that out for yourself. Take a trip to your local carnival, county fair, or in our case board walk and have good old clean fun! Nate and I walked the boardwalk holding hands before ducking into an old photo booth to take a few pictures and steal a few kisses. Then we made it to the end of the pier where we played all of the classic boardwalk games. Nate finally won me a stuffed rabbit at the game where you shoot water into a clowns mouth until the balloon behind their head bursts and squirts water everywhere. (In case you were wondering I let him win of course because my squirt gun skills are far superior to his but don't tell him I told you so wink wink.) Then we bought funnel cake, candied apples, cotton candy and two tickets for the Ferris wheel. We looked at the whole boardwalk and ocean while we were stuck at the top and exchanged sticky cotton candy kisses. As we came down from the ride and the boardwalk slowed down as the night ended we walked on the beach watching the moon hit the ocean and enjoying every minute of it. You have to slow down and pay attention to each moment you have together or else the magic of it all will pass you by.

Make Ordinary Extraordinary

One summer evening that was just like any other Nate planned on meeting me at my house for dinner. However I decided I wouldn't let this night be like any other. While I was at the store
picking up food for the night I decided to grab a dozen day old roses that were on sale and a 50 pack of tea light cadles that only costed a dollar. I set a table out by my pool (this doesnt have to be by a pool just any where outside) put down a table cloth and my favorite placemats, set half of the tealights a float in the pool and the other half all around the table. Then I pulled the pedals off the roses and tossed them in the pool, on the table, and then made a path with them leading to the table. I put pretty throw pillows on the lawn chairs by the pool and then brought out the food as Nate arrived. He was stunned by the romantic setting that cost me under $20 to pull together. It made a normal dinner at home one of the most special times we've ever shared together. Once we were stuffed we layed in the lounge chairs to look up at the stars and hold hands. As we laughed and star gazed my brother snuck outside and lit fireworks that we had left over from the 4th of July and made it feel like a movie. Wether you have a sweet brother who will light fireworks for you and your loved one or not I highly recommend star gazing. Looking up at the vast ski's make you talk of things bigger than yourself and adds just the right amount of corny to the night. Although it is work pulling together a night like that it really only took an extra hour to go the extra mile and it was so worth it. Taking the time out to do something special for someone you love is what it's all about.

The Ride of Your Life

Great date's do not have to cost a thing! The important thing is to get of your butt's and to do something together! One of my best memories with Nate is the time that we decided to go on a bike ride. Pick a scenic route near you and go explore! We biked and skateboarded around my neighbor hood and passed farms, horses, and beautiful scenery! Plus we jumped off our bikes to kiss as much as possible! Sometimes I think people forget to kiss while on a date so make sure you don't! Kiss A LOT! We stopped a few times to take pictures but we finally ended up on a dairy farm where we bought a milkshake! Now you might not have cows or horses or farms near you but that doesn't matter! Just get outside and ride your bikes and feel giddy like kids again! Work up an appetite then share some Ice Cream! Maybe you could improve this date by adding a picnic. Or maybe biking to a specific destination or go somewhere you have never been and let yourselves get lost together for an afternoon. Don't answer your cellphones and just loose yourself in the moment.
Nate & Kate

Monday, March 1, 2010

A new way to go to the movies...

Everyone loves going to see a movie with someone they love, but the more you do it the less exciting it gets to sit quietly with a jumbo tub of buttery popcorn in the middle of the two of you. Why not shake things up? One of Nate and my favorite things to do together is to dress up in accordance to the movie we are seeing. Like this picture of us from when we went to see Juno together. I dressed up like a pregnant teenager and he dressed up like a dead beat Dad. The pregnant belly looked so real that I was getting awkward looks all night that made Nate and I crack up. The best part is making other people feel uncomfortable, like when Nate would punch my belly or we would get in a fake fight in front of the ticket booth. Another fun thing is to pretend like you don't notice that you are dressed up in a weird way. For example: We went to see Blades of Glory dressed up like Ice Skaters. We walked up to the ticket booth, put our feet up on the desk and started stretching while asking 'hmm what's good? 300 sounds cool whats that about? What should we see?' I know that these movie examples are out of date but this works with any movie you want to see. Trust me, there is nothing more memorable than making fools out of yourselves together and making each other laugh.


Hello world... or atleast it's internet users. My name is Kate and I am in love with an amazing man named Nate... yeah, we rhyme. Since I began this romance with the man who started out as my best friend and ended up being the man of my dreams, one of my favorite things to do has been to dream up unique dates for us to go on and to document them. Through the great response we've gotten from our Facebook albums and YouTube slide show videos, I've started to hear the same question over and over again... 'What is a good idea for a date?' Well that is exactly what I am here to share with you! My plan is to share with everyone at least one cool date idea a week, go on that date with Nate, and tell you all about it! Hopefully you will like some of the ideas, try them out, and make a special memory. If I can make any ones life the least bit more romantic then I will feel truly blessed because I feel so blessed to have such an incredible man in my life and for having a knack for finding lovely ways to spend time with him. So here we go! This is the start of 'Nate & Kate's Great Dates' where you will find unique, affordable, and romantic date ideas. But most importantly you will find a love story.
Nate & Kate